Pine is a minimalist blog theme.  It includes easily customizable features such as font family, logos, and head display.

Features Overview:

  • Blog-style 2-column layout
  • Minimalist design
  • Background color
  • Easily change text and header fonts
  • Responsive Layout
  • Built-in Fancybox
  • Widget areas in footer, post/page sidebar, after post content
  • CSS3 menu drop-downs
  • Optional Lazy Image Loading plugin to improve website load time by staggering the loading of large images.

Complete Features:

General Settings

  • Upload to add favicon.
  • Optional Lazy Image Loading plugin. To improve the loading time of content rich pages, the theme will stagger or delay the loading of large images that are out of view from the user.
  • Add border and shadow to images.
  • Change general body font to Century Gothic, Arial, Verdana, Bitter, Georgia, or the Google Font Droid Serif. This will be applied to post and page paragraphs.
  • Change header font to Arial, Verdana, Bitter, Georgia, or the Google Fonts Quicksand, Open Sans, or Droid Serif. This will be applied to the site title, menu links, post titles, page titles, and all h1-h6 html tags.
  • Change body font size. This will be applied to post and page paragraphs.
  • Adjust link color.
  • Adjust background color.
  • Insert custom CSS that will override any theme CSS.
  • Edit footer (i.e. Copyright 2012).

Header Settings

  • Upload to add site title image. Title image will replace the site title text.
  • Upload to add site logo to left sidebar.
  • Toggle site tagline on and off.
  • Edit message to appear in left sidebar.

Post Settings

  • Add widget areas to appear only of post pages.
  • Display featured images above the post title of post pages. The option can be disabled.